Simple, gentle, noninvasive moves done across muscle and connective tissue that can be performed right there in the barn isle, an arena or any safe, level surface.

 Bowen Therapy is used to assist the body to correct imbalances and heal injuries. 
Adhesions, stiffness and secondary compensation issues often disappear.
Improve circulation, suppleness, attitude and overall health.  

Read about how I came across Bowen and why I started a practice for myself.

For sport horses in competition, pleasure horses and aged companions. 
All horses can benefit from this effective treatment!
Good hoofcare helps to keep the rest of your horse's body balanced!  If you're looking for a great local trimer, I recommend Jason Mirise:
 Trimming, Boot Fitting/Sales & Nutrition

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Pain Relief, Body Balancing
Jenni Odum, CEBT
(Certified Equine Bowen Therapist)
Copyright 2012-2013, Jenni Odum
If we have had a conversation about feeding, you have probably heard me sing the praises of slow feeding.  It has truly changed the way I feed- lowering me stress level and the amount of thought I had to put into feeding multiple horses with different needs in the same paddock.  It has greatly lowered the amount of time that I spend feeding (often only having to fill nets once a week!) and taken the wasted hay down to almost nothing (especially noticable in the winter when it used to get stomped into the mud!).  After using most of
the slow feed nets that are on the market, one stands out above the rest for me-   Their nets survive my horses who are hard on nets, they are available in SO many sizes and with 3 different size holes available.  You are sure to find what you need and even when they didn't have the item that I needed, they made it!  Now they have flat nets available so that you can rig up your bins the way mine are...  I LOVE this product and the customer service is excellent. 

After recommending them for the past year, (at Leslie's prompting :)  I've finally signed up for the Cinch Bux referral program- so if you do purchase something there, I'd love if you'd use my Cinch Bux # 212 when you check out.  And make sure you sign up for their program too- because when you fall in love with your new nets, you'll want to tell the world about them!