Jenni Odum, CEBT
(Certified Equine Bowen Therapist)

Doc (APHA gelding, age 10)

From Doc's owner:

"Hi, Jen. Yesterday I was quite busy...I hadn't paid any attention to Doc or Breezy since you worked on them. But last night when I went out to feed dinner, I noticed Doc moving like I haven't noticed him moving in forever. This was in spite of the nip in the air. He was fluid...I almost qualified that with "for him," but he was just plain fluid. He just came walking up the hill to dinner like a big horse. Not like a big horse in pain.

I still have to realize that I may see what I want and hope to see, but since I wasn't looking for it in that moment--since it struck me--I thought I would mention it to you.
Thank you.
Lakota Moon (Appaloosa gelding, age 9)

From Lakota's owner:
"Lakota came to our family back in the summer of 2006. He was said to be very mellow fellow and full of try, both of which are completely true. What we didn not know is that he had a tendency to worry in some circumstances and go into "Lakota Lockdown". He's is a big, athletic gelding that has dealt with bracing and its effects for most of his life. Whether caused by physical or mental reasons (or both), it tends to manifest in his neck thus making it as flexible and soft as a 2 x 6 piece of wood.

This last year has marked big changes in his comfort and performance. We started riding dressage more seriously with a wonderful trainer in addition to adding Bowen treatments to our program. Bowen in combination with specific riding exercises (designed to physically/mentally release tension) has GREATLY improved Lakota's comfort and resulting softness. Lakota's first treatment was marked by giving the "fish eye", as if he was saying, "Hey, Lady! Careful there...don't hurt my owie spots!" He watched Jenni very closely with a serious look on his face, but mid way through he decided it would be ok to trust and relax. Now he sees Jenni coming and relaxes the spots he knows she's going to work on next. It's amazing to watch. He is JELLO in his back and haunches.
Ace of Spades, Paint x Fresian
Ranch & Cattle Work, Pleasure, Trail Riding
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Nez (Champagne Appaloosa gelding, age 24+)

This is the horse that started it all.  Our trusty family horse for a few years, we acquired Nez from a very cheap craigslist ad.  He was in dire need of hoofcare and a diet and had plenty of issues to be addressed... but he was super broke and adorable.

We were patient with him and gave him a few years of "normal familly life".  He had pasture mates that he liked and a little Cowboy that adored him.  Nez was the best horse in the world, according to this little cowboy... 

Nez' feet were rehabbed, he was put on specific supplements to address his fatty pads, put on a diet and regular exercise program.  Nez enjoyed a couple of years of happy (bomb proof) trail riding and so did we.

The last year of his life it was obvious that his level of discomfort was increasing.  As certain things were ruled out we decided to try bodywork.  With Bowen Therapy, Nez' comfort level came back to the point that he was able to once again roam his entire pasture with a buddy (which he had stopped doing in favor of standing between his feed bucket and water trough, calling to the other horses). 

He was able to enjoy time with his boy riding in the arena, without Bowen he would not have been able to do this.  Bowen blessed Nez with one last, lovely spring. 

Nez will never be forgotten and leaves behind a legacy of Equine Bowen Therapy that will continue to help other horses for years to come.
He seems to particularly like the adjustments over his pelvis as evident by resting the correct side in preparation for the gentle manipulation and resulting "pop-pop", licks, chews, and sighs. In the beginning, he would only allow Jenni to manipulate the skin on his neck. Now he seems to enjoy the help he gets there. He's softer for each visit.

Jenni is an asset to our team, and I highly recommend her! Bowen is helping Lakota reach his potential. We have moved up to showing 1st level dressage, schooling 2nd level movements at home. The most important thing is that Lakota seems to like his job instead of dread it and think that I am asking the impossible. This all adds to his long term soundness and happiness."
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Doc to the right, Breezy below.
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